South Bristol Hub

The Oasis Hub South Bristol is a fast growing Hub which is continuing to grow; this coming academic year 2014-2015 we will be welcoming two more academies into our Hub which are Oasis Academy Marksbury Road and Oasis Academy Brislington.

Our hub currently consists of:


Oasis Academy John Williams
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Oasis Academy Connaught
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Oasis Academy New Oak
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Community Services:

Ross Jeffery


Chris Duncan

Priorities for 2014-2015

  1. 1.    Development and launch of a Community Gym
  2. 2.    Half Term provision for our students
  3. 3.    20 most vulnerable families
  4. 4.    Recruitment of Volunteers to add capacity to the Hub
  5. 5.    Develop and launch a youth club 
  6. 6.    Building Social Capital

Current Projects:

Community Service:

  • • Open House – an intergenerational community group which meet every Wednesday during term time; which includes crafts, board games, table tennis, refreshments and time to chat and opportunities to develop friendship networks with those in the local community.
  • •‘ The Oasis’ Community Coffee Shop – This is a coffee shop set up within our hub which engages with parents and local community in Knowle West. This runs every Friday between 8:45am – 11:30am where the coffee shop runs on a donations basis; whereby customers only pay what they can afford for refreshments.
  • • Half Term Holiday Clubs – We have been running Half Term Holiday Clubs within our hub for the Academic year 2013-2014; we are currently developing this to include the academic year of 2014-2015. 
  • • Community Arts Project – this is a project which is being organised by Unique Voice; it will be hosted by Oasis Academy John Williams and will involve the students within the school working with the local community to create a piece of artwork which can then be taken apart and placed in areas around the community.
  • • Wisdom Lunch – we take students from our school to a local church to enjoy lunch with retired people within the community, where they enjoy conversation, good food and great company. Both students and community members really value this experience.
  • • Healthy Cooking workshops – We are running healthy cooking workshops with parents and students from one of the primary schools within our hub; they will enjoy a five week programme which will include quality time together whilst learning how to cook healthy food on a budget.
  • • Parent Forum / Friends of Oasis – we are currently developing our parent forums and are also looking into developing one of these into a Friends of Oasis group.
  • • Community Christmas Event – We held a community Christmas carol event within our hub this year and had the Salvation Army perform whilst our local community enjoyed refreshments and an opportunity to come together to celebrate Christmas.
  • • Christmas Food Hampers – within our hub for the 2nd year now we ran our Christmas Food Hamper project. This year we tripled our output from 2013 and also developed the project further by fundraising at a local supermarket; with the funds that were raised we were able to purchase age appropriate gifts for those whom would be receiving a food hamper, whilst also being able to purchase items which were needed for our hampers.
  • • Oasis Hub South Bristol Volunteering – We have started to plan and implement our volunteering priority within the hub and have had a positive start in recruitment.
  • • We also run two sports clubs within our hub with particular focus on community these are Community Table Tennis and Community Box fit.
  • • We have held nearly new sales within the academy which have been delivered by a local community partner where we have over 200 community members attend to either sell or buy items.
  • • Our hub also has a wide range of local community groups which let our facilities throughout the year, this has been fantastic and we currently offer evening classes in football, netball, table tennis, boxing, judo, dance (many forms), cheerleading, Neighbourhood Partnership meetings, cricket and badminton. We are also used regularly to hold meetings and conferences within the community these have been the Oasis Regional Meetings, The Army open days, Scouts annual meetings plus many more.
  • • We have a Community Garden which has been created and maintained by our local community and this year we are looking to possibly develop a community allotment on the same grounds.
  • • We are also currently developing our websites to help give a one stop service to our parents and local community on where to access help when they need it. Our websites contain a page called the Notice Board which has contact information and a description of services within the local community which helps us with signposting in times of need.
  • • Blue Hatch Café – this is a project which is run afterschool with the aim of free refreshments for our students at the end of the day; which include hot drinks plus toast whilst also offering the opportunity to complete homework in a safe and welcoming environment.



  • •1:1 mentoring
  • •Assemblies input at all of our academies 
  • •Pastoral support to staff, students, parents and local community
  • •Linking up with local church community
  • •The development of Café Church within the Oasis Hub South Bristol
  • •Pay it Forwards week


For more information about Oasis Hub South Bristol and any of our services please contact Ross Jeffery on 07964 344673 or